Biker T-Shirts from Route 69 Motorcycle Club

Route 69 – for those who’ve looked in vain – does not appear on any hardcopy or GPS maps. Its location is shrouded in mystery… Far beyond the Black Stump, near Warrigills Gulley –a place where nobody goes and dogs bark at strangers…

“Been there, got the T-Shirt!”

The Route 69 Motorcycle Club’s website is intended to provide a light-hearted, irreverent, and intentionally misleading view of reality, and we’d like to sell you a biker t-shirt to prove that you’ve been here to visit us!

Oh yeah – almost forgot… Do you guys remember when ya could buy shorty-shorts, not the ghastly knee-length “short trousers”crap they sell now? And when T-Shirts had shorter sleeves that showed off a hint of the manly biceps? Well, thats all taken care of by a guy with a bowie knife and a sack needle –  a modest $1.50 option.

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